NWOW Implementation

Discovery workshop

Am I « Nwow-minded » ?  

How can I change the mindset of my company

with a positive impact on people ?

Development of YWOW

How to manage effectively my people in a changing work organization ?

How to give autonomy and responsibility to my teams ?

Space Optimization

Strategy study – scenario & budget

How do I know where to implement my new offices ?

How do I know how many square meters to rent/buy ?

How can I reduce my current costs ?

Stay or leave analysis

How much space do I really need ?

Do I really need to move ?

Can I reduce my current costs ?

Move Management

Project consultancy

Can I get temporary help from experts to help me ?

Is there a way to do this without disturbing everyone ?

Full project management

I need someone/team to organize my moves.

Is there a way to reduce moves and be more efficient ?

Workspace Design

Space Planning

How can I do that without engaging huge costs ?

How can I restructure my spaces and what type of spaces do I need ?


I want to give a new identity to my company and offices.

What are the bests solutions for a great look & feel ?

What will really make a difference in my new space.