Together, we discover the key principles of a new organization of work and the opportunities for your company.

Based on a deep understanding of your context, ambitions and values, we define your needs and  vision
for a renewed organization of work based on your working

Topics :  cultural diagnostic, , work organization understanding, stay or leave study, etc. ;


From your current situation, we conduct a holistic study of the existing (what is your “as-is” situation ?) based on a quantitative & qualitative understanding

From your vision, needs and specificities, we develop a project to be implemented
(how will be your “to-be” organization ?) based on three major key success factors : Bricks, Bytes and Behaviour

Topics : concept development, Your Way of Work charter, teams involvement, workplace policy, counting and surface breakdown, implantation, remote working collaboration, etc.


We build, step by step, your new way of work by taking into account the operational and strategical aspects

Topics : change management, living together a digital workplace, space reorganization and move, interior design and implantation, construction, move planning, etc.


We take care of your people by giving them a personal support during the transition phase between your transformation.

Together, we also define the improvements to be done.

Topics : teams installation, change support, going live concept ;​


By implementing a long term collaboration and support, we conduct a deep monitoring of YWOW philosophy.

We organize workshops, survey, interviews to continuously adapt and evolve your concept to always be a steap ahead.​

Topics : YWOW sustainable program